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meteorite in Saudi Arabia
Quran verse 57:25 “and We also sent down iron …” is not science unknown at the time of Mohammed. Civilizations had since pre-Muslim times gathered (in low-rainfall regions) fragments of iron (iron-nickel alloy actually) meteorites and melted them to create tools and weapons, and likely guessed the meteorites came from the sky because new ones appeared on the surface of the Earth and soon began to rust.
Some Muslim websites claim the Quran verse is about iron being created in the core of stars.

Muslim websites claim that Quran verse 2:74 revealed the recently discovered scientific fact that the water in the Earth’s oceans came from asteroids. Actually, the verse says that some men’s hearts are harder than stone because some stones (in springs) gush rivers of water, but other stones (meteorites) fall from the sky because they contain no water, but have hard hearts, causing them to fear Allah (implying that men should fear what Allah will do to them if they have hearts of stone).
The Quran verse is saying that meteorites contain no water, which is the opposite of the new scientific discovery that meteorites do contain water.
Besides, meteorites do not “gush rivers of water”. The water in meteorites is chemically bonded to the minerals, and is released slowly.

Image by Meteorite Recon, via Wikimedia Commons.
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