Martians who look like humans

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Quran verse 17:55 mentions beings in the heavens.

Pickthall translated Quran verse 21:30 as “Have not those who disbelieve known that the heavens and the earth were of one piece, then We parted them, and we made every living thing of water? Will they not then believe?”.

This verse can be interpreted as saying that after humans were on Earth, the Earth broke apart to form the other planets, thereby dispersing humans to other planets, such as Mars. Or the verse can be interpreted as saying that Allah created different creatures on the other planets than the creatures on the Earth. Or the verse could be interpreted as saying these creatures on other planets are merely angels, who can fly to other planets.

Some Muslims believe that some planets have already had their Judgement Day, and no longer have human life, but other planets will have their Judgement Day long after Judgement Day on Earth.

Quran verse 42:29 implies that Allah created life in the 7 heavens, which include the other planets in our solar system.
The Arabic word fīhimā means “creature”.
The entire verse 42:29, translated by George Sale, says “Among his signs is the creation of heaven and earth, and of the living creatures with which He hath replenished them both; and He is able to gather them together before his tribunal, whenever He pleaseth.”.

Pickthall translated Quran verse 55:29 as “in the heavens and the earth entreat Him. Every day He exerciseth (universal) power”, meaning beings not living on the Earth also pray to Allah.

Verse 10:24 about Allah destroying life on Earth on Judgement Day has been imaginatively  interpreted to mean that Judgement Day arrives on different days for humans living on other planets, so human life has already been destroyed on some planets, but human life will remain on other planets after Judgement Day arrives on the Earth.

Quran verse 27:25 says that Allah brings to light all that is hidden in the heavens and on Earth. This verse probably means that Allah knows everything about what every angel and jinn and human is thinking and doing. But the word “hidden” in this verse has been interpreted by some as meaning  humans on other planets.

The Study Quran in its footnote to verse 65:12 mentions an alternate meaning to the phrase “seven heavens” that there are 7 planet Earths, presumably meaning there are humans living in other solar systems.

Image by anonymous book cover artist, via Wikimedia Commons.

Image was cropped by William Siepmann.
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