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Harun Yahya imaginatively claims that Quran verse 51:7 reveals that the paths of the seven heavens are like the threads in a piece of fabric, so the verse reveals string theory.
The word used in Quran verse 51:7 is the noun form of the Arabic verb “hubeke” which today means “to weave closely” but at the time of the Quran only meant “pathways”, with no mention of weaving.
The first use of the weaving  interpretation of the verse was the 1998 Muhammad Mahmoud Ghali translation “interwoven tracks”.

Harun Yahya mistranslated a word whose verb form can mean “to hug” (pull close) as revealing Isaac Newton’s laws of gravity.

The Arabic word used in Quran verse 77:25 translated into English as “receptacle” means a place where objects are gathered, placed or piled. The verb form usually means to gather, place or pile objects, but can also mean to pull someone close to you to hug, but never means the pull of gravity.
Although only the noun form is used in the Quran, Harun Yahya uses the “pull close” meaning of the verb to misinterpret the verse as saying that objects are pulled to the Earth by gravity. Therefore he falsely concludes that the word “container” reveals Isaac Newton’s laws of gravity.

Edip Yüksel, in his footnote to verse 32:5 , implies that thIs verse reveals not only the speed of light, but also reveals Einstein’s theory of relativity.

In Quran verse 41:11 Allah is having a conversation with heaven while it was smoke, and with the Earth.

Muslims have impressed a few Western scientists by telling them Quran verse 41:11 describes the universe a short time after the big bang, quoting the phrase “heaven when it was smoke, but not mentioning that in this verse the smoke is an intelligent being that talks, and not mentioning that in this verse the Earth existed at the same time as the “smoke”.


Quran verse 25:59 (Pickthall translation) merely says Allah “created the heavens and the earth and all that is between them in six Days”.

This is not a revelation, as claimed on a Muslim website, that interstellar gas exists that contains fully ionized matter where protons and electrons are not bound to each other as atoms.

The verse agrees with ancient Babylonian creation myths of the Earth below and the sky above being created at the same time, either from chaos of from the dead body of the ocean goddess Tiamat. But the Babylonians never mentioned smoke.

The Milky Way is very visible in the night sky in Arabia, and looks like smoke rather than like a stratocumulus cloud. Perhaps the Arabs thought the Milky Way was what the sky looked like before the stars were created.

[Actually, the Milky Way is composed of stars that are so far away that individual stars cannot be seen.]

A photograph of the Milky Way is at

Image of string theory by Xoneca, via Wikimedia Commons
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