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Turkish author Adnan Oktar (who writes under the pen name Harun Yahya)

Harun Yahya discovered himself or copied from other Muslims many miracle coincidences in the Quran, some of which work best when using the names of the letters in the Turkish alphabet.

The Arabic letters of the end of the 6th word and start of the 7th word of Quran verse 27:17 produce the sequence N-S-W-A-L-T. Reversing this produces T-L-A-W-S-N.
The Arabic letter Waw is used here and pronounced as a W. Listen to the W sound of the 7th word at http://www.islamawakened.com/quran/27/17/w4wcv.html by pressing its audio button.]
But Harun Yahya misinterprets Waw to be V, and interprets the equivalent of the Greek letter alpha to be E, thus producing the sequence T-L-E-V-S-N. From this he concludes the verse reveals the invention of television broadcasting. Then he falsely claims teleporting is the same as television broadcasting. [Television broadcasting is the transmitting of an image from one location to many locations. Teleporting is the science fiction concept of moving the actual object from one place to a different place.] Then he looks at verse 27:40 and concludes that the throne brought to King Solomon in “the twinkle of an eye” had been teleported as predicted by the read backwards letters T-L-A-W-S-N in verse 27:17.

Harun Yahya is correct that the “north star” Sirius (the brightest star in the sky) is mentioned in Quran verse 53:49. He is correct that in verse 53:9 the phrase “two bow-lengths away or even closer” appears.
These 2 verse numbers in chapter 53 are 49 and 9. Combining the numbers 49 and 9 together, he produces the number 49.9.
He claims that a bow is shaped like [part of] an ellipse. From these facts he concludes that the Quran predicts that Sirius A has a companion star which orbits Sirius A in a path the shape of an ellipse in a cycle that lasts 49.9 years. His analysis is very imaginative, but the length of the cycle actually averages 50.1 years, not 49.9 years.

In Quran verse 6:76 about a star, Harun Yahya locates the consecutive Turkish letters spelled HE-A-LE-LE-YE, falsely concluding the verse predicted Halley’s comet. But Halley’s comet is not a star.

Harun Yahya locates in Quran verse 6:59 consecutive letters L-R-T-B which backwards (if you change the B to a P) are the letters PTRL, which in Turkish are spelled PE-TE-RE-LE (petrol, the British word for gasoline). This verse mentions darkened crop stubble, so Harun Yahya concludes that this is a revelation about how crude oil is produced. Actually, it is coal that is produced from buried land vegetation. Crude oil is instead produced from plants that live in the water and sink to the bottom of the water when they die.

Harun Yahya locates consecutive letters D-N-A in verse 18:65, concluding this predicted that in 1865 Mendel would write about recessive and dominant traits in peas. However, Mendel did not know about dna.

Harun Yahya claims the 3rd word of Quran verse 35:8 means “see with his eyes”.

Actually, in this verse the word instead means “deem”. The last 3 consonants of the 20th word of that verse are the consonants R T N  He claims this to be a miracle revelation about the retina.

The 23rd chromosome determines male or female. Harun Yahya falsely claims that the word “woman” occurs exactly 23 times in the Quran.
If you do a Google search on “l-nisāi Quran Corpus dictionary” the word “women” occurs at least 59 times in the Quran. The word “woman” in the singular is not used in the Quran.

Harun Yahya falsely claims Quran verse 19:57 predicted that the first man-made satellite (Sputnik 1) would be put into orbit by the Soviet Union in 1957. Actually, the verse is about Idris (Enoch, author of the book of Enoch in the Bible) and his writings being raised high in status.
[Even if “raised high in status” is misinterpreted as “high in the sky” rather than “high in status”, that would not apply to Sputnik 1, which was an “it”, not a “he”, because Sputnik 1 did not contain any man or animal.

Harun Yahya writes of many other coincidences, such as the word hemoglobin, the word ozone, the word neutron, the sand dunes on the planet Mars, the length of the year on the planet Venus, and the year of the first manned landing on the moon.

Image by Harun Yahya International, via Wikimedia.

image credit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Adnan_oktar_03.jpg

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