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This Roman dam in Spain is still in use. All the dams built by Muslims have failed and were smaller than the Roman dams.

The 1001 Inventions book is misleading in its praise of dams built by Muslims in Spain.
The dams built while Spain was under Muslim rule were not as tall as the Roman dams built in Spain, and all of the Muslim dams, such as the 3-or-4-meter-higb dam at Córdoba, eventually failed and are now merely ruins.  (Except the “dams” on the Turia River, which are merely bumps only 2 meters high that divert water into irrigation canals.)
By comparison, 2 of the stone-clad earthen dams built in Spain by the Roman Empire are today intact and still working (the 22 meter high Proserpina dam and the 21 meter high Cornalvo dam) although one of them has its exit blocked with silt.

The pre-Islamic 4th century rock-clad Marib Dam in what is now Yemen was 14 meters tall and eventually failed.

The Aghlabid basins (water reservoirs) praised in a muslimheritage article were bquilt around the year 740 at Kairouan Tunisia. They are still in use, but are less than 5 meters deep.

image by via Wikimedia.Commons.
image credit,_Extremadura,_Spain._Pic_01.jpg

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