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The story of the Seven Sleepers of Ephesus (Arabic: اصحاب الکھف aṣḥāb al kahf, “companions of the cave”) was originally a Christian story about a group of young Christian men who hid in a cave to prevent the polytheist emperor of the Byzantine Empire  [later emperors were Christians] from forcing them to worship polytheistic gods. The emperor blocked the exit of the cave to starve the men to death. God/Allah intervened by putting the men in a state of sleep for many years.

Quran verse 18:25 says the men slept for 300 years add nine.

Quran verse 29:14 has the identical sentence structure and says Nuh (Noah) lived 1000 years less 50. Everyone agrees that this verse means Nuh lived 950 years. Therefore verse 18:25 means the sleepers slept for 309 [lunar] years. The Byzantines knew that 300 solar years is approximately 309 lunar years.

About half of the translators add words that are not in verse 18:25 in Arabic, changing the verse to mean that the sleepers “slept in the cave for 300 years, or for 309 years if you are using the lunar calendar” or something similar. Muslim websites claim that since the prophet Mohammed did not know how to read, he could not have known how many lunar years are in 300 solar years. The Muslim websites interpret this as proof that the Quran was revealed to Allah through an angel. . 

Non-believers can argue that the verse in Arabic does not mention tbat 300 solar years is about 309 lunar years.

In addition, Mohammed’s personal physician and companion was a Christian named Harith Ibn Kalada, who had read Greek books.

This physician could have told the prophet Mohammed that 300 solar years is about 309 lunar years 

Image by Schedel’s Nuremberg Chronicle,1493, via en.wikipedia article on calendars, calendar systems section.

IImage credit   _and_Moon_Nuremberg_chronicle.jpg#mw.jump-to-license 

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