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Ommaya reservoir for releasing drugs into the brain

Pakistani-American Muslim neurosurgeon Ayub Khan Ommaya (1930 – 2008) was educated at Oxford in England. All of his grandchildren have British first names, not Muslim first names. After becoming an American citizen in 1962, he made various contributions to brain surgery, including the concept of implanting a reservoir under the scalp of someone with brain cancer (the reservoir could hold chemotherapy drugs or morphine to kill pain, and release them into the fluid of the brain, eliminating the need for repeated painful injections into the brain.  


I assume that Iranian-American Pardis Sabeti (1975 – ), like her father, is a Bahá’í, not a Muslim. In Florida she attended Trinity College Preparatory school, which was founded by a Christian clergyman.

She helped to control the Ebola outbreak of 2014 by her pioneering use of genetic sequencing to track and monitor the virus.

Mehmet Oz (1960 – ) is a Turkish-American professor of cardiac surgery. His religious beliefs are a mystical form of Islam similar to Sufism.
His popular Dr. Oz television show, on which he sells diet pills and a face wrinkle remover, has on 3 occasions won the silver flying pig award (which is given to people who make pseudo-scientific claims so unlikely to be true that it will only happen “when pigs fly”).
A new item being promoted by Dr. Oz is a “genius pill” that some claim can increase your IQ by up to 100%!
Dr. Oz touts the benefits of storing your medical history in a microchip embedded in your wrist, not mentioning that a police state could use it to track your movement.

Muhammad B. Yunus (1943 – ) received his medical training in Bangladesh, and his residency in Massachusetts.
He wrote peer-reviewed journal articles about fibromyalgia, which has no known cause, no known cure, no symptoms except that the women complain of pain, and occurs mostly among American women who are depressed, anxious and tense. He was one of the first medical doctors to claim the disease is not psychosomatic, and wrote a book that promotes his clinic that “treats” the disease.
[He is not the same person as the Muhammad Yunus who made microloans].  

Azizul Haque (1945? – ), who obtained his medical education in Japan and the United States, is a Hanafi Sunni professor at a medical school in the United States who does research on how cancer cells evade the immune system.

Tofy Mussivand (1943 – ) obtained his higher education in medical device technology in the United States, and is now an Iranian-Canadian Kurd who designed a machine to pump blood and add oxygen to it during heart surgery.

Saghir Akhtar (1960? – ) obtained his PhD in England, led a team doing research on DNA chip technology, and became editor-in-chief of the Journal of Drug Targeting. [DNA microchip technology is the use of an array of microscopic amounts of short sequences of RNA strands to detect the presence of the DNA complementary sequence. Detection is done by making the strand glow.] He is currently a professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology at Kuwait University doing research on diabetes. He has given Sunnis medical advice on fasting during Ramadan.


Iranian-American Gholam A. Peyman (1940? – ) obtained his MD in Germany. In the United States he invented LASIK laser eye surgery. I presume he is a Shia Muslim.

Mohammad Samir Hossain (1976 – ) has a medical degree earned in Bangladesh supplemented with distance learning courses in psychiatry from American universities. He teaches at a medical school in Bangladesh, combining Western psychiatry with Muslim religious beliefs to help Muslims cope with grief over the death of loved ones.

Nizam Peerwan (1950? – ) received his medical degree at the American University of Beirut Lebanon, and did his residency in pathology in Dallas Texas. He was the chief medical examiner for Tarrant County, Texas, and supervised autopsies of victims of the 1993 Branch Davidian / ATF incident in Waco. Most say he was chosen rather than more experienced medical examination experts because his rural county was far away from the site of the incident in Waco and he had no connection to either the Branch Dravidians (a controversial Cbristian sect) or the ATF (a government agency that confiscates illegally-owned military-style weapons).  A believer in conspiracy theories accused government officials of putting Nizam Peerwani in charge of the autopsies because Nizam Peerwani had a reputation of being incompetent and therefore would not discover evidence of wrongdoing by the ATF bureau of the federal government.
Peerwani has written about other incidents of Christians killing people, but is silent about incidents when Muslims killed people.

Harun Yahya (1956 – ) (his real name is Adnan Oktar) is a Turkish author who opposes Darwin’s theory of evolution and obtained much of his evidence against Darwin from the Institute For Creation Research (an American fundamentalist Christian organization)

A Christian named Ferid Murad was the 1998 Albanian-American winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. He was raised as a Christian but his father was an Albanian Muslim.

Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor (1972 – ) is a Malaysian surgeon who flew in 2007 as a passenger in a Russian spacecraft. The “science experiments” he performed in zero gravity were a publicity stunt and not of any scientific importance.

5500 Saudi women are medical doctors. 11,000 Saudi men are medical doctors. 75% of the medical doctors in Saudi Arabia are non-Saudis.

Image of hospital in Saudi Arabia  by Patrick J. Lynch and Kuebi = Armin Kübelbeck, via Wikimedia Commons.
image credit


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