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needles of a fir tree

Quran verses 56:71-74 say that only Allah [God] can make a tree. Harun Yahya rephrases this as only Allah, not man, can make wood. Harun Yahya claims this explains why man is today unable to make the chemical lignocellulose, which is contained in wood.
The belief that only God can make a tree is not unique to the Quran.

Nuri & Hoque (1964) in their footnote to Quran verse 36:80 explained that “fire from the green tree” is about the resinous evergreen branches easily catching on fire. [I would add that dried out “Christmas” trees are indeed very flammable.]
Edip Yüksel’s footnote interpreted this verse as being a revelation about photosynthesis.

Quran verse 13:3 in its original Arabic says Allah created fruit hiding a pair. Pickthall translated it as “spouses” rather than “pair”.
Nearly all Quran translators interpret it as one pair of a male and a female, implying that pistils and stamens are contained in the flowers of fruit plants. Non-Muslims claim this fact (and the function of pollen) would have been known to any farmer at the time of the prophet Mohammed.
Muslim websites falsely go beyond what is actually said in the Arabic words, claiming that this verse reveals the scientific fact that all plants have separate male and female sex organs. Non-Muslims attempt to refute this with examples of plant species that have lost their ability to reproduce sexually. But this refutation is flimsy because it admits that at the time each of these species was created (whether by evolution or by Allah) it did have male and female sex organs. A better example of life without pairs is that the first living things were the archaea, from which scientists say the plants and animals later evolved. Archaea have no sexes or sexual organs.
Quran verse 20:53 also hints of pistils,stamens and pollination.

Image by Daniel Miłaczewski, via Wikimedia Commons.

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