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800px-floppy_disk_2009_g1PC VIRUS
Amjad Farooq Alvi (1961 – ) and his brother Basit in January 1986 in Pakistan wrote and unleashed the first PC computer virus (Brain). [Viruses on other computers had existed prior to that.] Brain was spread by inserting an infected floppy disk. The brothers deny the rumor that Brain was intended to punish people making copies of floppies to avoid paying the brothers for software.

Hossein Yassaie fled Iran in 1984 (5 years after the Islamic Revolution), changing his name from Mohammed Hossein Yassaie to Hossein Yassaie, and becoming a British citizen.

He obtained a PhD in electronics engineering in England. After working for 2 other microelectronics companies, he led a team at Imagination Technologies in “Silicon Valley” that invented some of the technologies used to accelerate the processing of 2D and 3D graphics images.

He was the CEO of Imagination Technologies from the year 1998 until 2016,

Many electronics companies, such as Intel, Apple and Samsung, pay royalties to Imagination Technologies to use the technology.developed there.

Jawed Karim (1979 – ) was born in communist atheist East Germany. His father was a scientist born in Bangladesh, and his mother was a scientist born in Germany.  When he visited his grandparents in Bangladesh as a child, he did not want to return to Germany. Muslim websites claim he is a Muslim. I have not been able to either confirm or refute this claim.

He attended high school in the United States.

He and 2 other computer programmers at PayPal co-founded YouTube in their spare time. He was the first person to post a video to YouTube.(watching the elephants at San Diego zoo)

He likely earned over a hundred million dollars when it was sold to Google.

He currently is a university professor, and

works helping people with money decide which small hi-tech startup companies might be profitable investments.

Shahid Hussain Bokhari (1952 – ) is a Pakistani who received his PhD in computer engineering at the University of Massachusetts. He made major contributions to automatic load balancing in parallel and distributed computer processing while a university professor in Pakistan. As a visiting professor, he also did research for NASA in the United States.  He has done research at universities in the United States, Japan and Germany,

Umar Saif (1979? – ) is a Pakistani with a computer science degree from Cambridge University who, with help from students at an American university, created simple software for sharing files between smartphones.

Munir Nayfeh (1945 – ) is a Palestinian-American particle physicist and professor at the University of Illinois.
He received a masters in physics in 1970 from the American University of Beirut, and PhD at Stanford University in California.
In 1977 he performed experiments, using a laser to move individual atoms, that led soon afterwards to Gerd Binnig and Heinrich Rohrer (at IBM in Europe) inventing the scanning tunneling microscope, which is essential to nanotechnology.

Ali Javan (1926 – 2016) as a teenager was educated at a school in Iran run by Zoroastrians, but he may have been a Muslim. He was an Iranian-American physicist at MIT who received his physics training at Columbia University. He did research in quantum physics, and in the late 1950’s was the leader of one of two teams that claim to have built the first laser to use a gas rather than the solid components of earlier lasers.

Mostafa El-Sayed (1933 – ) is an Egyptian-American with a PhD from Florida State University who performed experiments with lasers, contributing to nanotechnology.

In Malaysia, professor of physics Harith Ahmad has a doctorate in laser technology from the University of Wales, and holds 10 patents for lasers used at the Malaysian telephone company.


Iranian-American Firouz Naderi (1946 – ) is not a Muslim. He does not believe in any religion but says he believes in something beyond himself.

He left Iran at age 18 to attend universities in the United States. He worked for 36 years at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where he was on the team (and became manager of the team) that developed the robotic rovers used to explore Mars.


French-born Iranian-American Pierre Morad Omidyar (1967 – ) is not a Muslim, but instead is a follower of Tibetan Buddhism. He is the computer programmer who founded the eBay auction site.

Image by George Chernilevsky,, via Wikimedia Commons.
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